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Spatial vision for the Drechtsteden

node Ablasserdam

Stichting De Stad, NL

Competition, nomination, ‘10

architect / design team Lada Hršak, Jack Hoogeboom, Daniel Casas Valle Urbanism, Alexander Mooi

publication and exhibition Knopen van Drechtsteden

Stichting de Stad

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The six towns collectively known as the Drechtsteden share a long history. They function as a regional centre adjoining the city of Rotterdam but their influence extends beyond the local and the regional. On a 16th century historical map of the area the river Noord is drawn horizontally and central to the canvas. In the plan for the project Tussendijks the river is similarly rotated and the drawings illustrate the most significant spatial feature in considering the area’s redevelopment which is the water and the area between the dykes on either side of the Noord.

The river connects a number of the region’s economic, cultural and recreational resources.  A key element in our strategy is to link them by an extensive water ferry network which would form the region’s main infrastructure and act as a catalyst for future development.

The interchange at Ablasserdam acts as a transfer hub between road and rail transport and the boat to Kinderdijk. Vertical piers with work units and pier hotel  become signs of new development. Simultaneously they carry the memory of the old but active shipyard, and offer potential for creating new strategies.

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