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house refurbishment

Amsterdam, NL, ‘04-‘05

architect Lada Hršak, Pieter Jannink

client private

photos Thomas Lenden

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| Keizersgracht 126, 1015 CW Amsterdam, Netherlands | T +31 (0)650617836 | E |

Beautiful, long views of the Amsterdam's skyline situated in a modernist apartment  with flexible structure (one load bearing column in 8 m width) created conditions for personalised urban refurbishment. Redesign creates a loft-like open core centred around the bathtub with metropolitan views.

The design is executed in two bays; one an open plan living area containing the service unit and, adjacent to it, comprising of two bedrooms and the central bathroom. The latter has an open connection to the main living space with the bathtub positioned at the opening.

So while taking a bath one can order a drink from the kitchen or, if a small child is bathing, they can be supervised from the living room. To ensure privacy, a  cloud-like screen can be lowered when guests are present.