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Apartement building

Masterplan by UUD

Alkmaar, NL ‘04 - ‘08

architect SeARCH

design team Lada Hršak, Bjarne Mastenbroek

assistants Jack Hoogeboom, Wesley Lanckriet

client Eendragt

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The site for this building, at the threshold of Alkmaar’s old town and the wide Noordhollands canal, carries memories of a sea no longer present. The industrial harbour once replaced the seashore and has now itself become redundant. Within the redevelopment proposal of UUD this apartment building occupies a prominent position; at the corner of the canal, between old and new, small and large, public and private, generic and specific.

The master plan stipulated a closed block with a narrow courtyard. By inverting the scheme and placing the

courtyard ‘outside the box’ an open square is created on the water. Simultaneously, the building is arranged so that each apartment benefits from both sun and a canal view.

A multitude of factors define the precise form of the building; axes, light, sight lines and the existing urban fabric of the town. Like an iceberg the block rises from the water and its sculptural form stimulates the relationship with the waterfront square. Each of the 80 apartments has two or three sided orientation, all with impressive views, while the top floor lofts also include patios and roof terraces.

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