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Visitor’s Center

Oostvaardersplassen, NL

Competition, finalist  ‘10

architect HL architecture

landscape architect Bureau B+B stedebouw en landschapsarchitectuur

design team Lada Hršak, Alexander Mooi, Miren Leon, Fabian Wallmueller, Alexandra Kern

construction ABT

building physics DGMR

client Staatsbosbeheer

exhibition and catalogue
Museum Nieuw Land

with Frank Segaar,

de Architekten Cie.

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The NAC pavilion is located in the Oostvaardesveld nature reserve and appears to be sinking into its vast marshy landscape. It reflects the surrounding countryside and the constantly changing skies above the wetlands. The centre functions as a base camp and departure point for exploring the threshold between land and water.

Previously the area was submerged under the Zuiderzee but was reclaimed from the sea about 70 years ago and converted into a polder. Its development proved unsuccessful and it gradually evolved into a marsh landscape attracting a large variety of wildlife. As a

reaction to the openness of the landscape, the volume of the pavilion articulates a point by wrapping itself around a central area, a primitive way of defining outdoor space.

An educational exhibition space is arranged along a route that ramps up through the pavilion and links the other elements of the programme. It culminates in the restaurant which offers majestic views out over the landscape. Webcam footage from the nest of a sea eagle is projected onto a large screen, a noteworthy combination of tactile, primordial and digital experience in nature.

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