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Development and branding of the Limes area in Netherlands

Utrecht province, NL

Competition, 2nd prize ‘05

architect artist design team Lada Hršak, Daniëlle Huls, Susann Rittermann

publication and exhibition De Romeinse lijn Provincie Utrecht/Aorta juni ‘05

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The Limes, the northern frontier of the Roman Empire, crossed through the Netherlands 2000 years ago. The legions stationed along it came from all corners of the far reaching Empire. The exchange of goods, culture, writing, technology and trade in ‘foreign’ products all took place.

Our proposal introduces a new ‘foreigner’ to this country: Poncirus trifoliate, the hardy lemon tree.  Wherever remains of the Limes are found the lemon tree will be planted. Thus the region will gradually gain a new spatial quality and a new fragrance will spread across the landscape.

The archaeological remains simultaneously become protected and highlighted above the thick layers of earth. The trees will be planted in various spatial configurations and scales; as hedges, orchards, lanes, parks, forests and, most simply, as free-standing trees. The lemon plantations will act as a stimulus for small and medium scale agricultural initiatives and for strengthening local identity. The production of local jams and other products can be marketed under the new Limes brand, reaching the breakfast table in informative packaging that illustrates the rich history of the region.

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