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Bosrijk Berry

16 villas in the forrest

Eindhoven, NL, ‘07 -’12

architect Lada Hršak with SeARCH

design team Lada Hršak, Wesley Lanckriet, Erik Workel, Luca Ramini

client AM wonen

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This project creates a community of 16 houses amongst lush greenery at a disused military air base near Eindhoven. It is a special place; a small grassy pasture, open to the south and encircled by mature pine trees. The pointed treetops are reflected in the houses irregular roof forms, creating a dynamic spatial composition. Gravel paths lead to a half-sunken central courtyard containing forest plants, greenhouses and a large communal table. All the dwellings have large balconies and terraces cut into the main volumes of the buildings which appear to float lightly above the landscape.

Each of the houses has a sunken carport directly accessible from the house. The split level provides for a high, spacious living room with an open connection to the kitchen. A central core containing a solid fuel stove separates the two and provides both warmth and ambience. A number of dwellings also includes a sauna adjacent to a roof terrace where steaming bodies can gaze over the pine trees in the evening light. The facades are clad in irregular dark coloured bricks with projecting mortar joints. The roof tiles are of same colour giving the buildings a sculptural quality.

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